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Buchtipp: Putzen lieben?!

15.08.2018 VON DUNJA VOOS KOMMENTAR VERFASSEN Wie oft treiben uns die unzähligen, langweiligen Handgriffe im Haushalt fast in den Burnout? Diese monotone Arbeit, die immer und immer wieder gemacht werden will, ist für die meisten keine Freude. Wer das Gefühl hat, in einer ewigen Mühle zu stecken, dem sei das Buch „Putzen lieben?!“ von Linda Thomas ans Herz gelegt. Schmutz [...]

Buchtipp: Putzen lieben?!2018-10-26T16:01:04+00:00

Chaos In Everyday Life – About Cleaning And Caring

When it comes to housekeeping, the concepts of disorder and chaos often get confused. In our households order is often related to a certain regularity and clarity. I call a room orderly when everything is in its place, and I can easily orient myself, finding my way around without fuss. However, as soon as I [...]

Chaos In Everyday Life – About Cleaning And Caring2018-10-25T19:24:05+00:00

NEWVIEW -Cleaning And Caring

With spring in the air our thoughts might well be turning to the traditional annual springclean of our homes. Linda Thomas, who has run a cleaning business for 20 years, shares her insights into the art of cleaning and caring for the spaces we occupy. In 1988 I started an ecological cleaning company, as a [...]

NEWVIEW -Cleaning And Caring2018-10-25T19:15:07+00:00

Disorder Is Not Chaos

For well over twenty years I have been giving lectures and workshops on the subject of cleaning and caring. One of the things that became clear is that the cleaning is not the as much of a problem as the constant disorder that many people find. Without clearing up first you cannot even start to [...]

Disorder Is Not Chaos2018-10-25T19:13:03+00:00

Marigolds’ Loft

Yes, this is a book about cleaning and a good one at that!   As some of you may know, I work in a anthroposophical (Waldorf) home for mentally disabled people and I work part-time in the "Cleaning" Studio. My job is to motivate some of the residents of the home to clean. But not just to [...]

Marigolds’ Loft2019-01-31T04:59:10+00:00

Awakening a sense of beauty

Many years ago I had an experience that made a profound impression on me, and which, and showed how caring for a space can contribute to reinforce a foundation on which our social and pedagogical work can thrive. It strengthened my conviction that we should never underestimate the importance of lovingly caring for our surroundings, and the opportunity [...]

Awakening a sense of beauty2019-01-07T20:37:09+00:00

Cleaning and Caring

After a certain time, I discovered that there is a great difference between cleaning and caring. When we clean, we remove dirt, and the result of cleaning sometimes does not even last five minutes. You have barely cleaned the hallway, and already someone walks over it leaving foot marks everywhere. As soon as the kitchen floor [...]

Cleaning and Caring2019-01-07T20:39:31+00:00

Creating Order

The greatest happiness human beings can experience is when they are creating. Why? Because this is when they come closest to the essence of God. God is the creator, and human beings, whom he made in his image, can be creators, too. Of course, it is not a question of comparing human creations with the divine [...]

Creating Order2019-01-07T20:40:36+00:00

Cleaning as a Spiritual Activity

Nowadays many people have turned away from church religion. But family and society benefit if we would be able to discover something sacred =in our everyday deeds and activities. Household work and even cleaning present us with opportunities to practice devotion and reverence. For instance, we can try to picture where our food comes from, [...]

Cleaning as a Spiritual Activity2018-10-26T03:33:32+00:00
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