Cleaning as a Spiritual Activity

Cleaning as a Spiritual Activity Nowadays many people have turned away from church religion. But family and society benefit if we would be able to discover something sacred =in our everyday deeds and activities. Household work and even cleaning present us with opportunities to practice devotion and reverence. For instance, we can try to picture where our food comes from, or all the things that need to happen for a carrot to grow or a spoonful of honey to be produced. Saying grace or blessing a meal expresses something of our reverence for the world around us. In Turkey,

Creating Order

Creating Order The greatest happiness human beings can experience is when they are creating. Why? Because this is when they come closest to the essence of God. God is the creator, and human beings, whom he made in his image, can be creators, too. Of course, it is not a question of comparing human creations with the divine creation but of emphasizing this truth: that happiness is found in the creative act, so in this sense artist express their greatest feelings of happiness. You will say, “What about mystics and scholars? “Yes, insofar as they can also be creators,

Cleaning and Caring

Cleaning and Caring After a certain time, I discovered that there is a great difference between cleaning and caring. When we clean, we remove dirt, and the result of cleaning sometimes does not even last five minutes. You have barely cleaned the hallway, and already someone walks over it leaving foot marks everywhere. As soon as the kitchen floor shines, a small child comes in to proudly present us with a precious treasure found in the sandpit. For this very reason, many people consider cleaning a frustrating and unrewarding activity, a troublesome necessity. Yet, if we try to do this

Awakening a sense of beauty

Many years ago I had an experience that made a profound impression on me, and which, and showed how caring for a space can contribute to reinforce a foundation on which our social and pedagogical work can thrive. It strengthened my conviction that we should never underestimate the importance of lovingly caring for our surroundings, and the opportunity it can give us to create space for something new. These are the precious moments that enable us to constructively contribute towards peace and renewal. I was requested to do a thorough cleaning of a residential home for juvenile delinquents because they were planning

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