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Attention: Mothers, Fathers, Homeowners, Hotel managers, Hospital managers, Diakonie management, Kindergarten and School principals…

Finally! How to Get a

fresh clean Envoinement

Without Chemicals -

easy and affordable.

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Do you hate cleaning?

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Think you know what it takes to tackle spring cleaning? Think again. Don't fall into the trap of starting with enthusiasm, only to feel overwhelmed and abandoned by your goals within a week. Or perhaps you've never even attempted a spring clean, despite your attic and basement overflowing with clutter, simply because you're unsure where to begin.
Are you dreading the next shopping trip because your home is already bursting at the seams? Or do you find yourself anxious at the thought of guests visiting because your home is in disarray, and keeping up with cleaning seems impossible amidst the chaos of everyday life with kids, partners, and pets?
It's not your fault. You just haven't been equipped with the right easy techniques to tackle these challenges head-on.

Everything you need to know about SpringCleaning!

Right here. Right now.

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Online Course

The main goal

I aimed to create an affordable course so that everyone can enjoy the comfort of a fresh new home. Considering all the valuable material provided, this course is an absolute steal. Not only do you save a significant amount of money on hiring professionals and cleaning companies, but you also prevent costly health risks by avoiding common cleaning mistakes. Additionally, it fosters greater awareness for your surroundings and yourself, allowing you to cash in on these money-saving secrets.

The Benefits

You'll gain access to all the top secrets, tips, and tricks accumulated from 30 years of experience cleaning homes, schools, hospitals, hotels, managing a cleaning company, and teaching hundreds of cleaning staff to excel in their craft. This course provides you with a comprehensive roadmap on where to start, what you need, how to follow through without exhaustion and pain, and how to successfully engage partners, children, or even friends in the process. It guarantees a completely new cleaning experience. If you're not completely satisfied, you can request a refund within 30 days.

be trained by LINDA THOMAS


Linda Thomas developed a philosophy of work that can transform cleaning into caring and provided a clear impetus for a transformation in thought and action, as well as for an expanded self-understanding of housekeeping activities.
With a global impact , Linda is not just an expert in the field of cleaning and organization – she's a renowned author, speaker, and educator. With two books published  in over six languages, Linda has shared her wealth of knowledge with audiences worldwide, delivering captivating workshops and lectures that distill over 30 years of expertise into actionable insights. Her passion for empowering others to transform their living spaces and lives shines through in every word she speaks and writes. Join Linda on a journey to unlock the secrets of effortless cleaning and caring for a home you love.

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Here´s a fraction of what you´ll discover

About the Tradition of Spring Cleaning

Ancient tradition around the world for the well-being of body, mind and soul.

Health Benefits

Cleaning thoroughly, tension free and without allergies due to using the right ecological cleaning supplies and a good posture.

Secret Technique: use a microfiber cloth folding technique, making it 8 times as affective 

Reduced strain on your arm, no more soggy hands, prevents pain and arthritis, protection against hand and nail damage, relief for fingers, wrists and body.

How to takle your tast step by step

Where to start and how to clean easy and effectivly: Walls & ceilings, pictures & frames, books & shelves, windows, removing tape residue from windows, polishing wooden furniture, airvent, oven, bathroom cabinet, toilet, shower, sink etc.

How to clean alone or as a team

Alone, as a family or couple, enjoy relaxation and happiness while joyfully integrating children, who in turn learn essentials for their lives.

How to work with the elements

Learning to observe and consciously use the elements of earth, water, air and fire brings more mindfulness to your task and helps you to experience the present moment

You get acsess to 6 Modules, 90 minutes of videomaterial, 16 Demos, and much more

Let's face it: hiring a cleaner can cost anywhere between CHF 15 and CHF 50 per hour. However, that wouldn't suffice for a thorough spring clean. Even if he or she works with half the knowledge provided in my course, the results may be stunning, but you'll still lack the know-how to maintain a beautiful home. Plus, you'd be missing out on the opportunity to embrace the ancient tradition of spring cleaning, which purifies not only your space but also your body and soul. Say goodbye to old dust and clutter!



You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back 


I Personally Guarantee:

"If you follow the spring cleaning steps and don't end a busy cleaning day feeling accomplished, with your home partially or fully refreshed within a week, just let us know and we'll refund you, promise."

Participant after a seminar:
"It was impressive to see the competence and dedication with which Mrs. Thomas worked. It was like watching a master at work. Craftsmanship, experience, quality of materials, and tools certainly play an important role. But there's something else, not tangible, that emanates from the work and the finished piece. Slowly, it became clear to me what it means to 'penetrate a space,' to scrub the toilet on your knees, and turn it into an 'edifying exercise,' to accept one's own circumstances and see them as 'one's personal path of training.'"

Sylvia Dürst-Buff

"Dear Mrs. Thomas,
We've had our staff meeting since you have been here, and I've received some feedback on your work. First of all, I'd like to thank you for the excellent redesign of the basement foyer, which truly brings several visual and practical benefits! Your work was perceived as highly important and enriching overall. You, as a person, were also very well received. Questions about the essence experienced in your work remained open, partly misunderstood, partly with amazement at all the things one can consider. Overall, we sense how your work is bearing more and more fruit after three years, and we look forward to continuing it next year."

Marco Bindelli

a tiny investmen for sustainable freshness

Unlike costly and time-consuming workshops that guide you through the process just once, this course offers endless benefits. You can watch it repeatedly, every year, from the comfort of your own home, refreshing your knowledge and revitalizing your living situation. It won't consume your precious time, as all the essential knowledge is condensed into a 90-minute video course. The content is divided into bite-sized videos, making it convenient for you to watch on your phone or PC and immediately put into practice.

Modul 1: Welcome to the Springcleaning!

  • How to use this course
  • Cleaning and festivals around the world
  • The Origin of Springcleaning
  • Modul 2: Where to start?

    • Springcleaning - Deepcleaning

    Modul 3: How? What? Where?

  • Practical Tips for Springcleaning - the List
  • Demo: Which cleaning products to use?
  • Demo: Which tools to use?
  • Demo: Cleaning walls and ceilings
  • Demo: Cleaning pictures and frames
  • Demo: Cleaning books and bookshelves
  • Demo: Removing tape and residue from windows
  • Demo: Cleaning windows
  • Demo: Polishing wooden furniture
  • Demo: Cleaning airvent and filters
  • Demo: Cleaning the oven
  • Demo: Cleaning the bathroom cabinet
  • Demo: Cleaning the shower
  • Demo: Cleaning a sink
  • Demo: Cleaning a toilet
  • Modul 4: Alone or as a team?

  • Springcleaning with the Family
  • Demo: Cleaning wooden table in children's room
  • Spring cleaning as Couple or with Friends - explaining the procedure
  • Demo: Observation
  • Modul 5: Don´t forget about your wellbeing!

  • Tips for safety and health
  • Demo: 8-Fold system
  • Modul 6: Good for the Soul...

  • Words of Encouragement & work with the Elements
  • But wait… there´s more! 

    You’ll also get 2 free Bonuses

    – if you order right now!” 


    A detailed Checklist PDF to track and organize your progress.

    (Value CHF 38,-)


    Membership accsess to the exclusive Cleaning & Caring Community.

    Your personal space to ask questions to Linda Thomas and lead inspiring discussions with your fellow students. Easily accesable directly from your course portal, no additional login needed!

    (Value CHF 55,-)

    Why am I making this outrageous offer and giving away my secrets?

    "By consciously cleaning, we transition from cleaning to caring. Caring for living space is also caring for people; it has an impact on us and our entire society. Every person deserves to live with dignity in a home that provides space for development.
    I grew up in modest circumstances in South Africa, but early on, I was touched by the words of an African woman who humbly tended to the small path in front of her hut every day...
    "Only good spirits may walk on well-maintained paths."
    We have the magical ability to influence and consecrate our environment through our attention and conscious caring gestures so that it supports, protects, and sustains us physically, mentally, and spiritually in the best possible way.
    Passing this on is my legacy after over 30 years of professional cleaning and caring. It is my sincere wish that all people would want to live with dignity so that they can unfold their potential. With my simple tips, this is very easy."

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    Springcleaning Premium Online Course


    • Full Premium Online Course
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    • Study in your pace - wherever, whenever.
    • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
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    We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to experience a stress-free spring clean that lasts and brings joy into their home. It's a chance for a fresh start – a reset for your body, mind, and soul. Don't miss out!


    What if I Am worried about finding the time to commit to the course?

    Our course offers uniquely compressed expert knowledge. You don’t have to go anywhere – you can watch the 2 to 10-minute videos whenever and wherever you want, comfortably on your phone or PC. This flexibility allows you to fit learning into your busy schedule at your convenience.

    What if budget constraints are holding me back from investing in the course?

    Right now, you have the lucky chance to get a 40% discount on the Course (value CHF 125,-) plus 2 free bonuses (combined value CHF 93,-). For only CHF 75,-, you can give your life a new, healthy trajectory for the whole year. Investing in your well-being and home maintenance now can save you time and money in the long run by avoiding costly cleaning services and health issues related to poor living conditions.

    how can I purchase and access an online course?

    To purchase and access the online course, simply click the button and follow the purchase procedure with your preferred payment method. Once completed, you'll gain access to the course materials and community area using the same login credentials, send to you via Email, which you can conveniently view and engage with at your own pace.
    In the Exclusive Community Area we assist you with all your questions. We strive to make the learning process as seamless and user-friendly as possible, ensuring that you can easily navigate and benefit from the course content.

    can an online course provide the same impact as in-person learning experiences?

    While it's true that digital platforms may have different dynamics compared to in-person interactions, please rest assured that we've carefully considered this aspect. With years of experience conducting seminars and lectures worldwide, I understand the importance of impactful learning experiences. However, as I approach 75 years of age, I realize that I cannot continue to conduct live events indefinitely and must unfortunately decline more and more invitations. Recognizing the limitations of live events and the promising opportunities offered by digital platforms, my team and I have meticulously curated this course to deliver the best possible results directly to your home. You can implement the knowledge immediately without the need to travel back from a seminar or workshop, potentially losing momentum along the way. Rest assured that our course is designed to provide you with practical and effective solutions, tailored to your needs and easily applicable in your daily life.