In-House Programme

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In-house training in businesses, schools, kindergartens, institutions, day centres, homes etc.

Seminar/workshop for staff members, students, educators; if required also for your own cleaners

Cleaning or caring for a room requires awareness. Many people have never learned to pay attention to what a room really “needs”: habits and routine have made them “blind”.

If you want to truly care for a room you need to give it your full attention. You need to know that cleaning the room you live or work in is extended self-care. You create space for something new.

In this course you will learn about

  • ecological cleaning
  • exercises for enhanced perception and self-perception
  • the gestures of mindful room care
  • exercises for ergonomic cleaning; rhythmic working is healthier than struggling with dirt

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Bringing Wellbeing Into Your Home

Few of us enjoy cleaning: it often feels like a thankless, repetitive task which we force ourselves to do.

Linda Thomas is an expert, professional cleaner who ran her own ecological cleaning company for over twenty years. In this unique book, she explores her passion for cleaning, and argues that cleaning can have a profound effect not just on the spaces we care for, but on our own wellbeing and personal development.

This lively and readable book is full of anecdotes, practical examples and ecological cleaning tips from Linda’s decades of cleaning experience. Ultimately she argues that if we raise our understanding of cleaning, we might even begin to enjoy it!

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